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Green Drinks Goes Red!

Green Drinks Birmingham, along with YPBirmingham will host a fundraising event to benefit The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS)'s Light The Night Walk.  Light The Night is LLS's annual walk and fundraising event- and the nation's night to pay tribute and bring hope to people battling cancer.  Teams of friends and families or co-workers raise funds for cancer research and provide services in their communities.  Locally, the Walk will take place on October 14, 2010 at The Summit.
This event is sure to entertain! We will have music provided by Jazz/Neo Soul group, B Natural, prizes, and a special guest, Birmingham's own Last Comic Standing Finalist, Roy Wood, Jr.!  Each person that makes a donation of $5.00 or more will receive an entry into the drawing for prizes.  YPBirmingham cardholders will receive an additional entry for a donation of $5.00 or more.  Come out and enjoy great music, food, and of course, drinks and support a worthy cause. Ask for the &quo…

Cahaba River Fry-Down- A Must-Do Event!

Come by and visit Life The Green Way's booth at the Cahaba River Fry-Down, Saturday, September 25th, starting at 10 a..m.  The Fry-Down is a brand-new event to benefit the Cahaba River Society, which has been protecting the Cahaba River watershed since 1988.  As you may, or may not know, this is very important to those of us in the Metro-Birmingham Area since the Cahaba is the main drinking water source for the Birmingham Water Works Board. Simply put, these people protect the water that comes into our homes, so this is definitely a worthy cause that's close to home!
The Fry-Down is is a family-friendly event with plenty of activities for all ages.  Some of the activities are:
-Moon bounce
-Rubber duck races
-Water pistols
-Fly-fishing lessons

-Live music by local artists
-Educational booths providing information about a variety of things- from building a rain garden to conserving  water in your home

Tickets prices for adults and children 13 and up: $2…

Versatile Vinegar: FAQ's

What is vinegar?
We've all heard of or even used vinegar at one point in time, but do we really know that much about its composition?  The Columbia Encyclopedia defines vinegar as a "...sour liquid consisting mainly of acetic acid and water, produced by the action of bacteria on dilute solutions of ethyl alcohol derived from previous yeast fermentation."   In other words, it is a byproduct of either grapes, apples, malt or rice that is fermented with harmless bacteria that use oxygen to extract energy from the alcohol (oxidization), converting it into acetic acid- the main component of vinegar.  The vinegar that is most commonly used contains approximately 4 to 8% acetic acid; the rest is water.  However, natural vinegars also contain small amounts of tartaric acid, citric acid and other acids.

What is the origin of the word "vinegar"?
Vinegar has been used for centuries and is an important element of European, Asian and other cuisines.
The word "vinegar&qu…