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Clean Drinking Water in Alabama: An Endangered Commodity

Image via Wikipedia You may have noticed that some of my recent posts have been about water- its protection and conservation.  You may be wondering- why all the talk about water? It's no secret that water is necessary to life.  Hold on, let me clarify that: clean water is absolutely necessary to life. Unfortunately, it seems that our drinking water, especially here in Alabama, is threatened on a consistent basis.

This month, American Rivers, the number-one organization focused on river conservation, published its "America's Most Endangered Rivers ™: 2011 Rivers" list.  Unfortunately, the Black Warrior River, a major source of Alabama's drinking water, specifically for the cities of Birmingham, Jasper, Cullman and Tuscaloosa, is listed as #8 on the endangered list due to the threat from coal mining with the risks being our clean drinking water and public health.

As I discussed in my previous post, Alabama's Drinking Water Is In Danger, one of the imminent threa…

Green Goes Simple: Conservation at Home

Water Wisdom: How to Conserve Water Every Day

By Cynthia Ramnarace for Green Goes Simple

If there is a sound that immediately drives me insane, it’s that of a running tap. And because you have to tell kids the same thing 5,000 times before they get it -- “You don’t need the water on when you brush your teeth!” -- I hear a lot of water waste as I go through my day.

It drives me nuts not only because it’s money down the drain, but also because water is such a precious resource. I was fortunate enough to see this firsthand during a trip to Kenya several years ago. When you’re living in a drought-prone region and the only water you have comes from collected rain water, conservation is how you survive.

I returned from Africa a water-use zealot, but that was a long time ago. My commitment to the cause has waned over the years. I realized telling my kids not to waste water wasn’t enough: I had to lead by example. So I did some research and came up with some easy water-saving solutions that a…