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Guest Post: The Most Eco-friendly Printers

Most people, if they have a choice, want to have it all. They would want to have printers that are both great at printing and easy on the planet. But is it possible to have it all?

In short, yes. There are certain things consumers can look for which ensure they are buying the most eco-friendly printers with the highest tech specs around. Generally, inkjet printers use less energy than laser ones, on the whole, and all-in-one printers are more energy- efficient than having a separate printer, scanner, fax machine and copier.
There are also international certifications and programs which highlight the eco credentials of printers. The EPA issues the Energy Star certification to products that use less energy than similarly priced products or, if the energy-saving products are more expensive than comparable products, the amount of money saved on energy bills will make up the difference in a relatively short time. The European Union (EU) has enacted the RoHS directive, which restricts the use…