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4 Eco-Friendly Tips to Beautify and Personalize Your Home Office...surround your home business with a personal, earth-friendly image

Home office (Photo credit: Wikipedia) There are a few very simple ways to add a personal touch to your home office—while doing your part to protect the environment at the same time! Multipurpose tools for your home office, such as sustainable products, recycled organizational baskets and office materials, and reclaimed office furniture can still serve as ideal office tools for brainstorming, posting to-do lists, organization and office decor, while doubling as eco-friendly tricks to cut down on things like paper waste and plastics use, and adding an eclectic, vintage feel to your home office.

Plus, if you want to convey an earth-friendly message, office tools like glass whiteboards and recycled paper and file folders will keep your office neat and organized, while boasting eco-friendly benefits over using multiple paper notebooks, chalk boards, and cork bulletin boards.

Check out the following 4 ways that can help you customize your home office with personality and eco-friendliness in mi…