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5 Green Ways Your Kids Can Construct Their Best Fort Yet

Summer is drawing to a close, but that doesn’t mean that your kids are ready to come inside and start thinking about the next school year. If you have kids of the fort-making age, then you’ve probably had your living room completely dismantled of cushions all summer long and had to throw old blankets in the wash way too many times to count. But, when the kids start to make forts outside, it can become a much more complicated matter. Many parents end up buying expensive plastic play houses or building costly tree houses, neither of which are necessarily very good for the environment. But, there are actually plenty of re-purposed items your kids can use to build stellar forts in the great outdoors.
1. Leaves You may just be looking to rake up the leaves and get them out of the yard as quickly as possible. After all, if they’re left for too long, they will begin to decompose and can turn into a big mess. But, before you toss away all your leaves, think twice. They are actually one of the c…

The Environmental Impact of Video Games: Infographic

All of us either know, or live with a gamer (if you're not one yourself). If you're concerned about the environment, this may cause you to feel some guilt. In our recent post, "Gaming Without Guilt: Top 5 Green Games to Play," we provide the names of some games that promote environmental interest.

Some may disagree with the idea of e-games being greener than those played on a console. Check out the infographic below and let us know your thoughts.

Source: Big Fish Games

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