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The Debate Over Implementing Solar Power In Your Home

Homeowners now have a myriad of options for switching some, or all, of their power consumption to solar. Solar panel systems have grown in popularity, but whether or not they are smart financially depends on several factors including one’s location, average power consumption, and anticipated time at one’s residence. In this post, we delve into the details to help you make a decision in the ever-growing world of solar power.

How Much Solar Costs in Your State
(Infographic via One Block Off the Grid)
There are many states in which you can go solar (full purchase price) for around $10,000. This number depends on a number of factors including state, local, and regional incentives. Looking into your state’s tax breaks and rebates, is a good first step. According to 2011’s numbers, the national average cost is at $17,000.

What You Could Save Every Month
Your monthly savings with solar depends mainly on the cost of power from your regional utility companies. Places like New York, where electri…