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CBS 42 Showing “Deadly Deception II” on March 1st at the Carver Theatre

Birmingham – On Thursday March 1, CBS 42 will show a sneak preview of “Deadly Deception II: Faces in the Mirror” at the Carver Theatre from 6:00-8:30pm. The commercial-free documentary about pollution in North Birmingham is the follow-up to “Deadly Deception” which aired in August, 2011 on CBS 42. 
CBS 42 has continued to follow activities of local, state, and federal environmental regulators in regards to toxic contamination in North Birmingham.  Pollution from local industries has affected air, water, and soil in these communities for decades.  Since the original Deadly Deception aired in August, pollution’s ramifications on public health in North Birmingham have become far more publicized. 
Black Warrior Riverkeeper is co-hosting this community event with CBS 42.  Admission is free, but limited to the theatre’s 500 seats.  The historic Carver Theatre is located at 1631 4th Ave North.  Those interested in attending can RSVP at or by calling CBS 42 at (205) 488-424…