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8 Tips for a Greener Holiday Kitchen

The holiday season is here! During this special time of year, you'll more than likely spend a great deal of time in the kitchen - whether you're hosting a party or simply cooking a traditional meal for your family. No matter what the reason, you're going to shop for lots of ingredients, cook, clean, and enjoy lots of yummy food!

I know that you will want to buy quality food that is also healthy for your family, while keeping costs down. Look no further, here are a list of tips to help you accomplish your "Earth-friendly" feasts.

Here are 8 easy tips to keep in mind as you shop, cook, eat, and clean:

- Buy local!

- Choose food low in added chemicals and toxins

- Do not buy individual drinks, like bottled water or canned beverages.

- Avoid toxic chemicals in cookware

- Avoid Styrofoam and paper plates

- Choose reusable decorations

- Store and reheat your leftovers safely

- Clean the greener way

1. BUY LOCAL: Buying locally-grown produce helps support community far…