Feeling Drained? Vampire Energy Can Suck the Life From Your Utility Bill!

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Vampire Energy is draining wallets across the nation!  Vampire Energy is energy waste that comes from everyday appliances, like your TV, VCR, microwave, computer monitor, etc., even while they're turned off.  "Vampire Energy Loss" from appliances in standby mode, e.g., the clock on your microwave or a screensaver on your PC monitor, costs over $10/year.  A plasma TV that runs in standby mode an cost a whopping $160.00/year!
According to the U.S. Department of Energy, about 5% of electricity used in the U.S. goes to standby power, and costs the United States about $4 billion a year.

Here are some tips to keep Vampire Energy Loss from sucking your wallet dry (these can help at the office or at home):
  1. Turn off your monitor when you're going to be away from your computer.  This saves more energy than using a screensaver, since screensavers can cost up to $100/year.
  2. Shut down your computer when you're done for the day.
  3. Unplug devices that you aren't using.  Fax machines, for example, use more energy in standby mode than when actually sending a fax!
  4. Use a power strip.  Shut off your electronic devices, then flip the switch on the power strip.
  5. Turn off lights whenever you're not using them and take advantage of natural light as much as possible during the day.
Many of these may be "no-brainers," but they can be easily forgotten!

For additional information on vampire energy, try these sites:


Liz Amason said…
Great info and excellent presentation of the info!
Amber D said…
This is something I've been working on in our house. First I have to get my husband to turn off our fan when he wakes up...

PS Found you on the blog hop.
Janet White said…
Great information, Thanks!

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