Versatile Vinegar: The Best Product(s) You Didn't Know You Had!

If you're like me, you're always looking for greener choices: economical and environmentally-friendly, when buying household items.  I keep cider vinegar and white vinegar on-hand at all times.  I've used white vinegar in the past to clean windows and glass.  I've also used it to take the sting out of bug bites and in sitz baths.  My grandmother, Mrs. Lena, used it in the laundry and in her concoction of white vinegar and an egg to condition my hair- it worked wonders!
I've used cider vinegar to get relief from acid reflux flare-ups (it really works!) and also with honey to help with colds.
Sometimes the simplest things are the greenest things.  This series of posts will provide many wonderful and different uses of vinegar- a non-toxic, inexpensive product.


Thanks for following and visiting Hollywood Chic (which is changing at the end of the week, based on the web designer, to Hollywood Glamorous due to trademark issues). We'll be doing a great deal more green posts. I lost all traffic/stats when I moved domains from to so I'm trying to gain traffic back as being terminal this blog is all I have as revenue to purchase medication and live each month. Normally it works out this month I didn't prepare for the loss of stats and many I work for have bailed due to stat loss. Really scared but should have more green data after this.

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