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Monday, February 21, 2011

Agape & Zoe Naturals: A Breath of Fresh Air

I am a self-professed "fragrance junkie" -perfumes, essential oils, scented candles- I love them all!  So you can imagine my excitement when Patricia of Agape & Zoe Naturals asked if I'd be interested in doing a product review.  Of course, my answer was "YES!"
Patricia Ann Malemes, Founder of Agape and Zoe Naturals

Founder, the lovely Patricia Anne Malemes started Agape & Zoe Naturals (agape means "love" and zoe "life" in Greek) in 2009 after researching and finding out about the numerous harmful ingredients that are in most mainstream health and beauty products today, such as, phthalates, parabens, propylene glycol, and others.  After her epiphany, Patricia collected all of the offending products and got rid of them- even her expensive designer perfumes, which were also laden with toxic chemicals (these she sold on eBay).  From that point on, Patricia was determined to wear natural perfumes that were phthalate-free.  Not really happy with the natural perfumes that were currently out there, she created her own line of fragrances that contain only two ingredients: organic grain alcohol and 100% pure essential oils.  The result is natural simplicity!  I was fortunate to receive samples of 8 fragrances, including one male fragrance.

Aftos 1 oz. cologne
Aftos, which means "him" in Greek, is a unique spicy scent of vetiver and bergamot, with a slight hint of vanilla and magnolia.  My husband flipped when I had him test this scent, exclaiming "I love this scent. What is it?" and taking off with the bottle (I haven't seen it since, lol).  It smells really great on him, too, but the best part is- it's chemical-free! You see, Hubby has allergies and many fragrances do not agree with him, making him sneeze and cough all day.  He has not experienced any issues while wearing Aftos (yay!).

Beauty, one of my favorites scents out of the bunch, is a rich fragrance with vanilla, sandalwood and a hint of lemon.  It's no wonder I liked this fragrance so much, it combines my three favorite scents!

Faith is citrusy and light with the tang of grapefruit and the smoothness of vanilla.  I let a fellow fragrance junkie smell this scent and she immediately became enamored with it, so I let her have it.

Peace is a combination of lavender, jasmine and a hint of grapefruit.  It smells angelic!

Botanica, my other favorite, is floral and light with gardenia (heavenly), honeysuckle, and a hint of vanilla.

True is a sweet combination of rose and sandalwood.  It's a very romantic scent.

Green is a refreshing scent of cucumber, mandarin and a hint of mint.

Pure Innocence is the newest addition to the collection.  It's a floral scent (gardenia) with a hint of citrus.

Sampler Set of 5 Scents

Not only are these lovely fragrances all-natural, but since they're composed of essential oils, they are also long-lasting.  Due to the natural content of these fragrances, it's also important to shake the product gently before applying, because the ingredients can settle.

Can't decide which fragrance is for you?  You can purchase the sampler set which contains five of the above scents at www.agapeandzoe.com.

Elena White is the founder and editor of  Life The Green Way, corporate sustainability coordinator at her day job, and a "rurban" wife and mother.  Learn more about her here and follow her on Twitter at @Lifethegreenway.

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